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The Fourth Critical Metals meeting (CM 2017)

 V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS, Mineralogical Institute of the Ural Branch of RAS, and Critical Metals international non-profit organization cordially invite you and your colleagues to attend the International critical metals meeting «Magmatism of the Earth and related Strategic Metal Deposits», which will be held between August 4 - 9, 2017 in Miass (Chelyabinsk Region, Russia) and  XI International School of Earth's Sciences I.S.E.S.
The Conference will be focused on the following topics:
1. Geochemistry, petrology and ore-potential of alkaline and related mafic and granitic magmatism.
2. Resources of critical metals in magmatic complexes in various geodynamis settings.
3. Petrology, geochemistry and metallogeny of oceanic magmatism.
4. Mantle sources and processes controlling genesis of ore-producing magmas.
5. Geochemical characteristics and metallogeny of subduction- and collision-related magmatism.
The conference program includes scientific presentations, and one-day field excursions to the famous ore deposits and geological localities of Ural mountains.

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The Workshop will be held jointly with Lia Kogarko’s School on Alkaline Magmatism as an international conference on Alkaline Magmatism of the Earth and Related Critical Metal Deposits (  and

The workshop will be accompanied by a rich social program and followed by fieldtrips  to the most geologically interesting sites and deposits of critical metals and gold in Ural Mountains.Several interesting excursions to the: Vishnevogorsky miaskite-carbonatite massif, Mines (diverse pegmatites) of  Ilmen Nature Reserve , "Russian Brazilia" - granite & pegmatite complex, Medvedevskoe deposit - mineralogically interesting location with basic magmatic titanomagnetite ores and perovskite-bearing skarns,  Karabash Deposit - Au-bearing rodingites with intetesting rodingite and hydrotermal mineralisation.

We are also going to organize a school for young scientists in the same place and in the same time!

Please download our circular HERE and register on the other conference website and

Any urgent queries regarding the Workshop or visa-related requests can be sent to Jindrich Kynicky ( or Victor Zaitsev (



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