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The 5th Critical Metals meeting (CM 2018) and Expert Council in Brno



The Horizon 2020 HiTech AlkCarb project is developing tools for exploration for critical raw materials in alkaline rocks and carbonatites. We are a consortium of academic researchers, industrial experts in mining and exploration, and two geological surveys. The project will make a step-change in exploration models for alkaline and carbonatite provinces, establishing methodologies by which mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and geophysics, including state-of-the-art interpretation of high resolution geophysics and downhole measurement tools, can be used to make robust predictions about mineral prospectivity at depth. This will be achieved through studies at seven key natural laboratories (Germany, Italy, Greenland, Malawi, Mongolia, Namibia, South Africa), combined with Expert Council workshops and fieldtrips to ‘funnel in’ recent research and exploration results. The outcomes will be incorporated into new geomodels on multiple scales from a world catalogue to deposit models.


The ‘Expert Council’ will consist of world-leading geologists and geophysicists with valuable recent experience of exploration and research related to carbonatites and alkaline rocks. Councillors will be invited to one or more of the Expert Council workshops and/or to join pertinent research fieldtrips, to consult with researchers investigating the natural laboratories. The Council is a major part of HiTech AlkCarb and will capture the knowledge of this group in the first half of the research programme and funnel it into the studies contributing to the formulation of the geomodels. Expert Councillors will be invited to contribute an extended abstract and take part in a collaborative workshop session to tackle key questions, leading to manuscript preparation by post-doctoral researchers. The travel and subsistence expenses of all Expert Councillors will be covered by the project funding (rules apply on what can be claimed).


We would like you to be part of the project, and are writing now to invite you to join the Expert Council. Specifically, we would like to invite you to join the fourth and final Expert Council, 12-14 March 2017. The workshop will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, and is entitled ‘Advancing geomodels for high-tech metal deposits’. The workshop has two main objectives: to contribute to an understanding of shallow plumbing systems and concentration of high-tech metals within them, and to develop three-dimensional concepts of geomodels using geological and geophysical evidence. The first three days of the meeting will be based in Brno. We would be very grateful if you would consider submitting an extended abstract (1-4 sides of A4) and presenting a seminar (15 minutes including questions) with a title of your choosing on your experience of one of the following:


Session 1 – Shallow plumbing systems:

The question addressed by the consortium is ‘How can we understand better the plumbing systems in shallow intrusive complexes, down to 1-2 km beneath carbonatite and alkaline volcanics, the most important environment for hi-tech element mineralisation?’ The session aims to bring together contributions from geological and geochemical investigations of natural laboratories with a variety of approaches to modelling of magmatic systems. Contributions will be solicited relating to both carbonatites/alkaline rocks and other magmatic systems to determine what synergies exist.


Session 2 – Geology for Geomodels:

The session aims to create an overview of the datasets that have been collected at each of the natural laboratories of the HiTech AlkCarb work programme: Greenland, Kaiserstuhl (Germany), Italy, Malawi, Mongolia, Glenover (Limpopo Province, South Africa), Namibia. Subsequently, this would lead to an interrogation of the aspects of the key data sets that can be compared and combined to develop geomodels. We would like to discuss the creation and use of large datasets, including those relating to mineral chemistry.


Session 3: Geophysics for geomodels

The session aims to bring together geophysical information relating to transects through igneous complexes at different levels of erosion, which could inspire discussion of how geophysical responses would vary within a three-dimensional structure.


It is intended that each session will include a short discussion that will be further developed in subsequent project meetings. A published manuscript inspired by the workshop is a deliverable of the work programme (Session 1) and will be written up by post-doctoral researchers. Expert councillors who contribute to the topic of the paper will be co-authors if they wish.


Any urgent queries regarding the Workshop or visa-related requests can be sent to Jindrich Kynicky ( or Kate Smith (

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